do they do it on purpose?

I am treasurer of school pta and, as my daughter is leaving and the head is long term sick, need to change the signatories for the account. The branch can't help, I have had to ring a central number. Four times! Each time I have found the staff to be very helpful and understanding and assure me that everything is now in hand and a form will turn up by first class post but that the previous conversations probably didn't take place because no record is on file. Nothing then happens! Each person verifies who I am by asking my date of birth and mother's maiden name etc.

do they do it on purpose?

Email to BT on 4th March 2007

I have decided to pass this information on to you in narrative form rather than invest more telephone time recounting a growing saga to yet another series of call centres.

The story is 100% factual and, despite being written in a light hearted way, is serious. I am sure that you have ISO9000 and, without being too presumptuous, would suggest that you pass the information on to the relevant quality improvement team:

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