McAfee worse than any virus

letter to McAfee after they unilaterally renewed


I spoke to someone over the phone about your 'automatic' renewal system. I explained that I thought your practice was sailing very close to the wind, if not actually illegal. I realise that everyone (including me) has agreed to your end user license however the options for buying the software without the automatic renewal were not clear.

proper programming in flash

here's an example of the kinds of things you can do with Action Script 3. I have used FlashDevelop and PaperVision3D which are both open source. (Here's another example too)

webERP table prefixing script

here is a listing of the php script to copy a directory structure and prefix all the tables:

run MySQL with php from CD, hard drive, USB etc

There are various problems and alternative solutions to getting a dynamic site running from CD (or hard disk) This is just one..

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