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Partial Solar Eclipse PV inverter output collected on Raspberry Pi

53.855, -1.829 Bingley West Yorkshire

West facing solar PV output from one inverter (can't get RS485 output from the other!) logged on my Raspberry Pi model A

Friday 20th March 2015

. Meteoric learning of multiplication tables ...

Can you spot the pattern: 1. Raspberry printed pinapple 2. Black hole 3. Whale 4. Bowl of petunias 5. Fridge? The clue is that they're all being used to intercept asteroids. And learn multiplication tables at the same time!

Here's a youtube video showing the action

sailing simulator using raspberry pi

I liked the idea of the raspberry pi for many different reasons but one thing I had thought of doing previously with arduino and laptop etc was to make a cheap and cheerful sailing simulator so people learning to sail can get the hang of tacking and gybing. I have found that novices continue to get in a muddle with swapping hands and changing sides of the boat for years after starting, often to the detriment of actally learning to sail. After all these are trivial manual skills that shouldn't take up valuable time on the water!

illusion 1

look carefully

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It's hard to make a truly objective comparison between something you have persuaded yourself is worth £643.90 (£1,212.60 for full version) and something you can get for nothing. Well GIMP will do pretty much anything you might need in terms of image manipulation but Photoshop will do a few more things. See:
Google search for comparisons



Aga gas tap timer

We inherited an Aga when we moved into our house; it used to be coke fired but had been converted to gas. Generally speaking it's great and I enjoy cooking on it (and it heats our water for us) BUT it uses a lot of gas.

This scheme uses an arduino type microprocessor with a servo to turn the temperature control right down at night and during the day. The Aga takes about three hours to heat up or cool down but I reckon it must be saving quite a bit of gas (data to appear here when I have collected and analysed it!)

arduino generating bass line

here's a video showing what it does after a bit of basic coding. The next stage will be to include audio input with fourier analysis to set the seed variable, key and beat.

Stripped down Arduino

see also

1. Upload the ArduinoISP sketch (in Examples/ArduinoISP) as per usual to the Arduino board via the USB or serial.

2. Change Arduino to manual as opposed to auto-reset (I have used a seeeduino with a little switch to allow this).

3a. Log out of the IDE
3b. In (Windows) C:\Documents and Settings\username\Application Data\Arduino\preferences.txt change the line
upload.using = bootloader
upload.using = arduinoisp

4. Wire the proper Arduino --> stripped_down_arduino
5V --> 5V

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