tips for making a useful website

In addition to providing good content it is essential also to think through, and explicitly define:

  • profiles of people that might be trying to find the website through a search engine, what they might be looking for and what search words they are likely to enter.
  • The objectives of the website with respect to the outside world. This will guide the styling and graphic design work as well as the effort in optimizing search engine rating.

run MySQL with php from CD, hard drive, USB etc

There are various problems and alternative solutions to getting a dynamic site running from CD (or hard disk) This is just one..

php scripts using MySQL databases

AFEX - French architects site

Set up AFEX site to run with Dynamic-CD php server and MySQL from CD

YSC - results calcualtion

web based Enterprise Resource Planning

A good example of an open source ERP is webERP which I have set up here. Feel free to poke around to see what it does. It's very quick to install and can be used in many instances with virtually no modification.

Putting up a web store is also easy now with the relevant drupal module (ubercart) or good software like oscommerce available open source. Have a look at the ubercart store and oscommerce store set up on this site. (you can play around but could end up actually buying some software!)

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