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How is the internet changing? The overall trend is of reducing cost. The key areas are the widespread availability of cheap broadband access and the proliferation of Service Providers offering low cost hosting for websites which use scripting and databases. At the same time there has been an exponential growth of high quality open source software with active communities of developers and self-help user groups

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It's hard to make a truly objective comparison between something you have persuaded yourself is worth £643.90 (£1,212.60 for full version) and something you can get for nothing. Well GIMP will do pretty much anything you might need in terms of image manipulation but Photoshop will do a few more things. See:
Google search for comparisons



McAfee worse than any virus

letter to McAfee after they unilaterally renewed


I spoke to someone over the phone about your 'automatic' renewal system. I explained that I thought your practice was sailing very close to the wind, if not actually illegal. I realise that everyone (including me) has agreed to your end user license however the options for buying the software without the automatic renewal were not clear.

high profile drupal user

There's obviously quite a bit of extra work been done to individualise the site but this is basically the same open source content management system (drupal), database engine (MySQL or progresql), scripting language (php), web server (apache) and operating system (linux) as used by the website you are now reading!


flash or not

Sometimes it's a good idea to put some movement on your web site and flash animations are the way to go. However some websites are painfully slow to load and you have to ask yourself if they do more for the web designer's sense of achievement than the business objectives of the client!

here are a couple of examples quickly put together:

proper programming in flash

here's an example of the kinds of things you can do with Action Script 3. I have used FlashDevelop and PaperVision3D which are both open source. (Here's another example too)

plan your website

your email

If you already have a site hosted by someone you like you will have to give me your logins and passwords for ftp and for control panel. However DO NOT part with this imformation until you have a signed non-disclosure agreement, or at the very least met me face to face

If you don't have a site already think of some possible website names.

Target visitors (think about specific present customers):

Catalogues, Web Stores and Databases on electronic media



There are many reasons why you may want to put information on CD: to reduce environmental damage, to save costs, to offer large volumes of data or to use the speed and power of electronic searches.

These same benefits also apply to putting your catalogue on the internet, and many of the points made in this paper apply equally well to that alternative. However there are many instances where the large data capacity and portability of a CD or DVD make it the logical choice.

webERP table prefixing script

here is a listing of the php script to copy a directory structure and prefix all the tables:

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