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It's hard to make a truly objective comparison between something you have persuaded yourself is worth £643.90 (£1,212.60 for full version) and something you can get for nothing. Well GIMP will do pretty much anything you might need in terms of image manipulation but Photoshop will do a few more things. See:
Google search for comparisons



arduino generating bass line

here's a video showing what it does after a bit of basic coding. The next stage will be to include audio input with fourier analysis to set the seed variable, key and beat.



flash or not

Sometimes it's a good idea to put some movement on your web site and flash animations are the way to go. However some websites are painfully slow to load and you have to ask yourself if they do more for the web designer's sense of achievement than the business objectives of the client!

here are a couple of examples quickly put together:

proper programming in flash

here's an example of the kinds of things you can do with Action Script 3. I have used FlashDevelop and PaperVision3D which are both open source. (Here's another example too)

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