1843 07/02 to 09/29

2nd July 1843

Mr. Foster baptized 10 persons this morning viz. Matthew Hainsworth, Job Threapleton, Betty Jackson, Grace Parkinson, Hannah Keighley, Mary Threapleton, Mary Walton, Tabathe Proctor, Mary Read, and Lister's wife of Rodley, who should have been baptized a month ago.

3rd July 1843

David Hainsworth died aged. He was at London with me and came home by water. He was sea sick 12 hours, got a severe cold was taken with inflammation last Friday or Saturday and died about ½ past 12 today.

15th July 1843

A Took Bett and went to Ilkley in company with Reuben Hainsworth, got lodgings at Old John Listers, and left on Monday evening arriving home about ½ past 8 o'clock.
Mother and Isaac came back from Scarbro' where they have been staying about a fortnight.

Thursday, 21st July 1843

Took Bett and went to Ilkley the second time, and stayed until Saturday the week following. D. Smith came home on Monday before, leaving R. Hainsworth, J, Turner and E, Earnshaw who came to Leeds with me.

2nd August 1843

This evening being the church meeting 5 persons were baptized at Bagley Jesse Sutcliffe, Matthew Wade, Martha Myers, Lydia Brook and Martha Keighley.

5th August 1843

Finished making Hay, The last Field got in was the New Lay which had been in cock several days. I was at Leeds and bought a carpet bag and a New Hat. CB 8s. Hat 8s.

7th August 1843

Went to London in company with Richard Womersley, Martin Maud and several others. Lodged at the old Cheshire Cheese, Philip Lane, Bought 29 bales of wool and returned on Saturday the 12th inst, The wool as follows 15 bales at 1/3 4 @ 1/2, 5 @ l/1½, 2 @ l/0½ and 3 @ 1/0.

14th August, 1843

Removed the stack from the stack yard over the wall to Ben's house end, because it was getting too warm.

llth August 1843

Sold our mare Bett to Mr. Ingham Listing maker Pudsey for £11 part to be had in Listing and part work.

19th August 1843

Father bought a cow at Hallcoates for £5, which gives 3 or 4 quarts at a meal.

Sunday, 20th August 1843

Maria Halnsworth, uncle John's daughter very ill. Charles at London with uncle Danial.
Wesleyan Anniversary of S. School Messrs. Felius and Spensley preaching collections £10.

21st August 1843

Old Mary, wife of Saml. Halnsworth, old fold, died aged

22nd August 1843

Old Whittam commenced papering the front parlour.

21st August 1843

Gave J.C. orders for Bd and Chrs.

30th August 1843

Commenced cutting oats in the Long Field but gave over after mowing a hand, they not being quite ripe.

31st August 1843

Cut a land of wheat next the Long field in the Top Ing. Father bought a horse of Wm, Ingham for £8.l0s. on Lee Fair day, about a fortnight ago.

4th September 1843

Farsley Feast. Finished harvesting oats in the Long Field, Somebody stole a hattock last night or Saturday night from the far side.
Took Ned Hardaker to York for stealing, Fetched a warrant for Jno. Wood for trespassing in the Top Wood.

8th September 1843

Commenced sheaving oats in the top Ing which is now ripe.

13th September 1843

Finished cutting wheat in the Three day work and bottom Ing.

14th September 1843

Gave notice of "&c." at Bradford.

Saturday 16th September 1843

Gave notice at Leeds.

Sunday, 17th September 1843

This morning a horse fell opposite our house and broke its knees in a dreadful manner. In the gig cart was nine persons. The driver flew out and stunned himself by the fall, but was not much worse.

17th September 1843

P.M. Mr, Dutton from Jamaica preached at Bagley on behalf of the missions. Collection £5. 0. 0. In the evening it lightened most terrifically, and thundered to the westward, but past without coming here.

18th September 1843

Latter Lee Fair, Corner went with Fan and sold her to a man from Huddersfield for about £8.

22nd September 1843

Father bought a brown horse at Otley for £l0.15.0.

23rd September 1843

Isaac fetched his bee hive from the Ling and bought another on the road home for 16/6 which weighed 33lbs. His old one weighed 47lbs.

25th September 1843

Took the old hive, and got 24lbs. of honey, but only about 4 or 6ozs. wax.

25th September 1843

A meeting was held in the top school for the purpose of altering Rehoboth Chapel and making a new school. The amount subscribed at the meeting was

27th September 1843

Peter Marshall married to Rachael Threepleton at Leeds and Charles Child married to ------· Waterhouse of Stanningley at Bradford.

28th September 1843

Strong white frosts the first actual frost this season,

29th September 1843

Sold the old cart of £1,0.0

29th September 1843

Ben Keighley commenced spinning for a blue after the Pudsey sort
'sken' 'sken' ft. ins. 'when' lb.
Warp 21 Weft 20 Length (22 ) Weight 13 2