1843 04/11 to 06/27

11th April 1843

Yesterday snow fell so thick as to cover the ground and this morning there was a very severe frost. Last night a meeting was held in the Stanningley School to petition against the government education bill.

Tuesday 11th April 1843

James Harrison, cart driver for Aunt Sarah Fieldhouse, died this morning aged
Samuel Wood came to his work yesterday after having been of a fortnight through sickness

Wednesday 12th April 1843

Uncle Peter Hainsworth, and Isaac Keighley ordained as Deacons at Bagley Chapel by Mr. Pulsford.

Thursday 13th April 1843

This morning about 2 o'clock, Josiah Keighley died after a long illness aged 23. The disease of which he died was consumption.

15th April 1843

Mary-ann Hollings died after a protracted illness aged 24. Yesterday I sowed the last peas in the middle piece of the garden.
Suspicion a month ago or rather cause at that time of the education Bill.

Easter Sunday 16th April 1843

Went to Josiah's funeral and went round with the wine Ben Waite went with the biscuits. Father went old Waites' the cloth miller who was buried at the Methodists ground.

Monday 17th April 1843

James Read son of Thomas Read died yesterday.
Rode our mare up to Jno. Womersleys and managed to ride very easy for almost the first time. Sowed the Ing down with hay seeds, scar grass and red and white clover.

1st Sunday in April

Baptized Matthew Scott, Mary Ann Smith, Rebecca Read and Mary Dufton.

2nd Sunday in April

Wm, Keighley, Amos Keighley, Charles Child, and Thomas Isles, Rose Wade, Martha Keighley, Betty Keighley, Betty Hainsworth.

20th April 1843

This morning about ½ past 6 o'clock Richard Brook carrier died,

2nd April 1843

Bought 2 yds. of black cloth of David Hainsworth at l0d. per yd.

Sunday 23rd April 1843

The candidates for Baptism this day are 19 in number viz, Thomas Dufton, Frederic Taylor, Benjm. Allerton, John Saunderson, Fanny Pearson, Jane Pearson, Mary Parkin, Hannah Neal, Hannah Horn, Mary Clegg, Christiana Parkin, Sarah Lister, Thos. Gott's Sister, Hannah Busfield, Mrs. Ferguson, Rose Hainsworth, Elizabeth Walton, Betty Dowgill and Fanny Allerton.

Tuesday 25th April 1843

Queen Victoria delivered of a Princess this morning.

26th April 1843

This evening Mr. Pulsford preached his annual address at Rehoboth from the lst ch. and 27v. Philippians and the last ch. And llv. in Corinthians.

27th April 1843

Phebe Holdsworth daughter of Matthew Holdsworth died aged 18.
Mr. Pulsford's subjects beginning on Sunday 12th March 1843

Sund Morn The unsearchable riches of Christ
Eve The glorious gospel of the blessed God
Mon Morn Self Examination
19 Second week March
Sund Morn Children of Light
Eve A sermon to the young
Mon Morn Not doing well
Eve The thoughtless
Tues Morn Religion is Love
Eve Strive to enter in at the straight gate
Wed Morn The Joy of Religion
Eve The Barren Fig tree
Thur Morn The Happy results of Revivals of religion
Eve, The anxious prayer. Gather not my soul with the sinner.
Fri, Morn Christian exertion
Eve Sinners returning to God
Sat Morn Ripe for Hell
Eve Vehement agitation or Paul at Athens

26th Third Week March

Sund Morn Holding forth the word of life
Eve The excellency of a knowledge of Christ
Mon Morn The best method of obtaining our desires
Eve Is thine heart right
Tues Morn The classification -
Eve Christ is all in all
Wed Morn Organisation -
Eve The great gulf fixed
Thur Morn and training -
Eve The power of Christ to save sinners
Fri Morn of the Christian -
Eve The new man
Sat Morn Church.
Eve A sermon to young men
2nd Fourth Week April
Sund Morn On Baptism
Eve On decision
Mon Eve To young Converts
Tues Morn On the tract No. l
Eve Seeking the Lord o
Wed Morn The unconverted
Eve Yield yourselves to God
Thur Morn Streams of life from the rock
Eve The joy of Angels over one sinner that repented
Fri Morn On Perfection. "Walk before me and be thou perfect"
Eve On Heaven
Sat Eve Hope in Heaven

9th Fifth Week April
Sund Morn Them that are ashamed of me, of them will I etc.
Eve Neglected Privileges
Mon Eve Who is on the Lord's side
Tues Morn Pardon of Sin
Eve The Connexion between total abstinence and revivals of
Wed Morn Monstrous delay
Eve The ordination of two deacons
Thur Morn The good and faithful servant
Eve. The anxious enquirer lost
Fri Morn The fall of Jericho
Eve A call to sleepers
Sat Eve The Syro Phenician `

Thursday 27th April 1843

Mr. Pulsford closed last night.
Aunt `Lidia' taken very ill of an inflamation but today

29th April 1843

She is rather better. I went to Leeds on Bess today and sold ends at 5/- to Mr. Sykes, Rode for the first time last Tuesday.

4th May 1843

Wm. Duffield taylor, Farsley, died after a long disease aged 49. Much thunder all round today but no rain here.

5th May 1843

I Commenced setting potatoes in the 3 day work. 5 ridges next the wheat of Kidneys - next 6 Old Pinkeyes, and the rest Natives, from Otley.

6th May 1843

A painful accident occured this evening about 7 o'clock Juo. Keighley's little boy Charles aged 5 years was killed by a horse belonging to a butter man from Horsforth, running away and the cart wheel ran over the child and also cut his sisters face. The cart threw over opposite Spenses so that no further injury was done. The cause of the horses running away was the sudden closing of Samuel Stead's shutter.

Sunday 7th May 1843

This morning Mr. Foster baptized 18 persons, viz. Robert Winterburn, Wm. Walker, Henry Pontefract, Peter Turner, Tailor Booth, Reuben Hollings, James Hainsworth, James Pratt, Daniel Wade, John Horne, Edward Edmondson. Nanny Keighley, Mary Walker, Martha Dowgill, Betty Wade, Sarah Roberts, Betty Walton, and Charles Haley's wife.

8th May 1843

John Brown, Throstle Nest, died after 3 days illness.

10th May 1843

John Brown is not dead, but today is rather better.

11th May 1843

Mother and Isaac went to Bradford to buy some clothes.

13th May 1843

Sold two or three ends of Isaac's being the first that he has made. Father bought a cart about a fortnight at J. Dufton's(Tipp.)

16th May 1843

Went to Leeds and sold 3 Ends to Mr. Steed, the first time I ever sold to anyone but Mr. Sykes.

23rd May 1843

Benj. Keighley taken very ill, and his club doctor Field would not attend. Dr. Johnson was therefore procured, and he prescribed bathing his feet in warm water and blister on his back and sent medicine.

24th May 1843

Went with Isaac to buy wool the first time that he has bought for himself. We bought 9st. 121bs. noils at Woods, 16st. wool at J. Akeds and ordered 1 sheet nolls at Rands. Woods l/7 per lb. Akeds 1/2½ and Rands 1/7½. A very wet day.

29th May 1843

John Carter bought three pigs for £5. 5s. and took the least himself for £1.10s. and we took the other two.

29th May 1843

Sam Wood went to Harrogate

4th June 1843

This morning the following persons were baptized by Mr. Foster. David Smith, James Threapleton, James Ustler, and John Nicholson, and Mary Lawson, Mary Hainsworth, Sister Rodley, Mary.Read Hannah Proctor.

Whit Monday 5th June 1843

The scholars of Farsley, Beckbottom and Rodley schools met at the chapel, walked up Farsley through Stanningley and parted at the Bar. after singing "You'd better come to Jesus".

Whit Tuesday 6th June 1843

Went to the Zological Gardens Leeds with David Smith, to the Temperance festival, partook of a good tea, and after hearing the trial of John Barleycorn, played at the various rural sports, indulged in, and was called out several times, five times by one person.

7th June 1843

Went to Shipley to the association met with - - - on the road and kept their company all the day. Took dinner and tea in the school room, as also did the rest, David Smith, and my cousin's Mother and Corner was there with George Andrews gig cart. In the morning Rev. Potinger from Bradford preached from the 4ch.'Neamiah' 6v. "For the people had a mind to work" and in the evening Rev, Dowson Bradford, from the 12ch.

Heb. 22-23vs. "But ye are come unto mount Zion, and to the city of the living God, the heavenly Jerusalem, and to an innumerable company of Angels. To the general assembly and church of the first Born"
Got ill wet coming home, but sat at JM till dry.

8th June 1843

This morning Wm. Wades wife died after a painful illness. Wild and later today some thunder and lightening.

14th June 1843

Went to London with Wm. Womersley and after buying 18 bales I returned on Thursday the 22nd inst. Of the wool the prices were 3 bales @ l/l½d. 9 bales at 1/2½d. 3 bales @ 1/ld. and 3 bales at 7d. Unwashed. We had fine weather the whole of the time.

Tuesday 27th June 1843

Mother and Isaac took the coach at Leeds for Scarbro. Fare outside 11s. inside 16s.