1843 01/01 to 03/27

Sunday 1st January 1843

The Rev. Mr. Buck ceased preaching at Horsforth Baptist Chappel in consequence of his adulterous practices.

7th January 1843

Left the college at ?

Sunday 8th January 1843

Mr Patterson preached at Bagley Chappel, for the incidental expenses. Collection .£9. 15. 8½.

10th January 1843

Showers of snow. Evening a violent shower of snow accompanied by thunder and frequent and vivid flashes of lightning.

12th January 1843

Some person or persons stole 17 yds. of good cloth from off the tenters belonging to John Farrer, Bagley. It had only been out about ½ an hour, being then about ½ past 5 pm.

13th January 1843

Today has been a dark foggy day with the barometer of the 'whether' glass almost perpendicular, It has thawn all day but some snow still remains.

Tuesday 17th January 1843

Brother Isaac went the first time to Leeds cloth Market, but did not sell anything. I sold 14 ends of my own to Mr, Sykes.

18th January 1843

Found a sheep skin, head and entrails in Wilson's hedge bottom, The sheep had been stolen from Wm. Sowden's flock about a fortnight ago.

19th January 1843

A ferrit which had been lost some days in Sowden's stacks, came to our house about 7 0'c1ock this evening.

21st January 1843

Today's paper contained accounts of a great number of wrecks, and a great number of lives 10st. The most disasterous of which was one off Dumford Haven in which 83 persons perished. The Hurricane occurred last Friday and Saturday, the time of the great depression of the whether glass.

21st January 1843

We have had our little bitch Flora about a week. Brother Isaac gave a shilling for her to George Wood. Sold the first number of eggs this season at 2 for l½d,

Sunday 22nd January 1843

This morning about ½ past 2 o'c1ock Cornelius Turner and another young man came to our house stating that they had found the hat and whip of a waggoner whose waggon was standing alone by Rayners gate. Brother Isaac went with them to carry the waggon to Firths of Bradford Moor. The waggoner got home about 6 o'clock next a,m.

24th January 1843

Bought 3 books of J. Calvert belonging to Mr. Jordan for 5s. The Heavens 1/9 - Drews essay on The Soul 1/3 - and the Biographical Keepsake 2/-.

Friday 20th January 1843

Mr. Drummond, Sir Robert Peel's Secretary shot by a youth called M. Naughton.

Thursday 26th January 1843

James Milner, son of James Milner of Farsley, died after a long illness aged Sarah Johnson married to one Shires of Stanningley. Yesterday Mother found our old canary bird dead in the cage.

1st February 1843

Uncle Peter's little boy called Joshua died after a few hours illness aged A very fine day, went to Bradford and bought 6-3 wool at 1/8 for a black the first I ever made.

3rd February 1843

David Parish called at the White Bear, and while there somebody robbed his cart of Beef belonging to John Marshall value 15/6 and also various articles of his own value £1·10. This was in the evening which was very cold and stormy.

Sunday 5th February 1843

Zilla Lawson daughter of Wm. and Hannah Lawson born about 5 o'clock morning.

11th February 1843

Old Red and White cow calved a bull calf a little before her time in consequence of falling yesterday. Wild snowy day, likely for a considerable fall of snow. Father at Leeds.

12th February 1843

Thomas Davy, alias Fighting Tom, was found dead in his bed by the Wesleyan sick visitors.

13th February 1843

Matthew Dowgill teased our little dog Flora untill she fell down the garret steps, and broke her foreleg. Isaac carried her to Wm. Naylor and got it set.
Got several twill orders to Farsley. Commenced running the top mill after standing several weeks.

16th February 1843

Mother & Isaac went to Bradford where she bought him a neat little watch for I presume about £3 10.

20th February 1843

Elizabeth Hainsworth Sunny Bank died about 10 o'clock pm. after a long illness aged

23rd February 1843

Aunt Elizabeth Hainsworth, wife of Uncle George, married to Mr. Joseph Strickland of Stanningley. All my 'cousens' were most inveterately opposed to the union.

28th February 1843

A Tea Party was held at Aunt Lydias' in connexion with the Farsley Young Mens' Society. The Rev, Mr. Foster spoke on "The best means of attaining a habit of thinking." P. Hainsworth on The best means of promoting the interests of this society" R. Holdsworth on "The claims of this Society. D,Hainsworth on "Procrastination". J. Child on "Christ our Example". T. Webster on "The Love of God" and Johnson on Humility. Cost of the Tea and cakes was 16 shillings.

4th March 1843

Old William Roberts of Beck bottom died after a short illness age

5th March 1843

Mr. Foster preached the death of Elizabeth Hainsworth from the 15th of 1st Corinthians 10v. "By the grace of God I am what I am"

8th March 1843

John Vickers, Joiner came to prepare the boards for the bed-chamber. Isaacs' Jenney was removed a few days ago into the garret.
The poor are very numerous in Farsley, a number going every day to work at Wrose Mill, near Idle. Wm. Hainsworth gets 7s. 3d. worth of bread weekly.

11th March 1843

Charles Rhodes brought the new sofa ordered by mother some time ago. Cost £10. I was at Leeds and sold 8 ends.

12th March 1843

Mr. Pulsford commenced his labours as revivalist in Farsley. First text - The unsearchable riches of Christ.

13th March 1843

Aunt Harriett Hainsworth delivered of a male child, to be called John William.

20th March 1843

Made a drain in the far end of the garden.

27th March 1843

Finished sowing oats in the Long close, new lay. Oats 10d. Per stone. Weather very cold, but fine. Trade reviving a little in Farsley.
David Smith visited the Rev Mr. Pulsford to enquire concerning Christ and his soul.