1842 07/04 to 12/30

4th July 1842

A gentleman who fell from his horse last Monday died this morning at Mr. Edward Hainsworth's, Sun Inn, Stanningley.

12th July 1842

I went to Liverpool from Leeds with Uncle Daniel. At Liverpool we went to Eastham Picture Gallery, New Market, Mechanic's Exhibition, Races, and the `Zological´ Gardens. Bought 11 bales of wool 2 at l/4½ 4 at l/5½ and 5 at 1/6, Returned on Saturday the 16th ult.

Friday 8th July 1842

Mr, Samuel Redhead, Vicar of Calverley Church, laid the first stone of Farsley Church in the presence of (it was supposed) upwards 2000 spectators. During the whole of the proceedings the rain fell in torrents.

23rd July 1842

This evening, John Firth of Bradford Moor was killed at Kirkstall in consequence of the shaft horse kicking him from the shafts.

24th July 1842

The anniversary sermons of Bethel School were preached in this afternoon by the Rev. Mr. Hughs and in the evening by the Rev. Mr. Liddle.

Monday 25th July 1842

This day was very fine and p.m. I for the first time
? ? ? ?
The last 7 bales of wool came from Liverpool per Railway.
Lister Mathers, son of Sarah Mathers of Rodley died aged 24.
Last Saturday we finished sowing the winter onions.

28th July 1842

Mr. John Gomersal, brother to Widow Varley of Stanningley fell from his gig in a state of intoxication and was much hurt. The place as where the accident happened was about 20 yds. Above Farsley Lane End.

31st July 1842

Went with David Smith to Aunt Elizabeth Smiths Alwoodley and returned on Monday the 1st August.

2nd August 1842

Went to Dr. Lambert who gave me a bottle of mixture and advised me to go to Ilkley and stay a fortnight.

4th August 1842

Went to Ilkley and stayed 3 weeks and until Saturday this being Thursday. During my absence hay-making was completed at Coat.

5th September 1842

A tea party of the Farsley Young Men's Society was held at the vestry when friends, P. Hainsworth, Holdsworth, Child and the Rev. Mr. Foster addressed the meeting. I also attempted to speak on "The Evils of War".

7th September 1842

Finished harvesting oats and wheat in the low ing, and Three day work. During the night however the Oat stack fell over and being uncommon wet a great part of the corn was wasted and spoilt.

17th September 1842

Finished sowing wheat in the top Ing.

27th September 1842

Father bought a pig at Leeds for £3. 6. 6. Dr. Lambert came to me same day and desired me not to work or study hard, and to live on good substantial food. As a stimulant to eat he prescribed Camomile flowers and ginger.

5th October 1842

Father bought a cow at Wibsey Fair for £11. 6d.

Thursday 5th October 1842

During this week a pedestrian engaged to walk 372 miles or 62 miles per day. that is thrice from Rodney Inn Leeds to the New Inn Bradford, and back again to Rodney.

25th October 1842

After having several nights of severe frost; this morning the ground was almost white with snow; the first snow this season.

25th October 1842

Commenced sowing wheat in the bottom Ing, and for the first time ribbed it.

28th October 1842

Sold the Black and White Cow which was bought at Otley to Old Sowden for £10.

2nd November 1842

Finished sowing wheat in the 3 day work. Today we can again fetch water at our pump after it has been dry about a fortnight, the first time that it ever was dry.

2nd November 1842

Dolly Barns died after a long and troublesome illness.

Wednesday 9th November 1842

Father went to Liverpool and bought one bag of wool at 16d. returned on Friday night.

15th November 1842

Father jumped down the chamber steps to keep himself from falling, and stunned both ancles and legs so that he could not walk. Yesterday I bought a Black Tumbler Pigeon of George Wood for -/5d.

22nd November 1842

Went to Leeds but sold nothing and was much annoyed with walking the ground being covered with snow.

30th November 1842

A missionary meeting was held in the Baptist Chapel Farsley when Mr. Clarke and Dr. Prince from Africa attended and addressed the Audience. Collection £4. 18s. ld.
On the Sunday previous Mr. Liddle preached in aid of the Home Mission when a collection was made to the amount of £3. 13s. 8d.

14th November 1842

John Hainsworth died aged 62.

Wednesday 14th December 1842

Easther the wife of John Womersley died aged 32 years.

Monday 19th December 1842

A very fine mild day for the season. Missionary tea party at Stanningley Methodist Chapel. I this evening (managed) the often attempted performance.

Saturday 24th December 1842

Notice appeared in the Papers of the Yorkshire Agricultural Bank having suspended payment.

Monday 26th December 1842

Public Tea Parties were held in Farsley and Bethel Sunday Schools, in aid of the Rehoboth Benevolent Society, when the amount of the subscriptions over the expenditure was Rodley £2.0.9 and Farsley the sum of £6. 16. 6 making a total of £8.17.3. The evening was fine and dark although most of the day had a gloomy and chilling aspect.

30th December 1842

Killed the pig which Father bought September 27th and which now weighs 22st. 61bs. Killed by Thos. Parkin.

Thursday 21st December 1842

Entered the Wesley Reading Society in company with D. Smith and J. Horn.