1842 01/09 to 06/30

9th January 1842

Went to Belgrave `Chappel´ to hear the Rev. Dr. Harris who preached from Isaiah 57 chap. 15 verse and the 66 chap. and I-2 verses.
1. From eternity, the residence of God has always corresponded with his nature and perfections.
2. If he condescend to hold intercourse with man, it can only be in accordance with this principle.
3. No religious worship can be acceptable to him only as it harmonises with his character.
4. All human effort and existence must depend for sufficiency on this principle.

13th January 1842

After a cold foggy day yesterday this morning was ushered in by a fall of snow, which continued all day the cold being also severe.

How ill doth he deserve a lovers name
Whose pale weak flame
Cannot retain
His heart in spite of absence or disdain
But doth at once, like paper set on fire
Burn and expire
True love can never change its seat;
Nor did he ever love who could reheat.


25th January 1842

Father started for London this evening from Leeds at 7 o'clock p.m. and arrived in London at 9 next morning. He bought 9 bales Bottany. 6 bales at 1/7½ and 3 at 155 per lb. Also 15 bags Spanish at 1/7 per lb. He arrived in Leeds the Tuesday following February 1st at 6 o'clock a.m.

28th January 1842

The panic is so severe in the woollen manufacture at Farsley that very little work is doing at the low Mill and the Top Mill is now altogether closed until trade revives,

1st February 1842

This morning old Margerison's wife died after a few moment's warning. 80 yrs.

2nd February 1842

This morning about 3 o'clock John Gaunt of Undercliff died aged 76

8th February 1842

This Afternoon Shrove Tuesday we had a tea party in the Vestry of Rehoboth Chappel. After tea Mr, Marshall took the chair when Mr. Foster, I. Ingham, I. Castle, P. Hainsworth and I, Child addressed the Meeting and Mr. Marshall read an essay on "self cultivation". Friends R. Holdsworth and W. Lawson were also present but did not speak to their subjects.

23rd February 1842

Brother Isaac shot three Lapwings in Old Sowden's field and sold them to John Corner for l½ each.

9th March 1842

This morning the ground was covered with snow to the depth of nearly three inches.

14th March 1842

Joseph Hainsworth died about 3 o'clock in the morning aged 23. He had been a member of the Farsley Young Men's Literary Society almost since its foundation.

16th March 1842

Commenced sowing oats in the ing.

16th April 1842

Robert Southwell of Stockton near York died.

19th April 1842

Uncle William Walker of Farsley died aged

19th April 1842

At a meeting of the Teachers of Farsley, Beckbottom and Rodley Sunday Schools this evening, a union was consumated among the three, so that the Committee of Rodley Bethel School will now be incorporated with the other two.

1st May 1842

Attended the Methodist Chapel in the evening and heard Mr. Cheatham preach from the words "He is able to save to the very uttermost” etc. After the Sermon a collection was made on behalf of the new burying ground when the sum of 19. 13 10½ was collected which and 70. 0. 0. given by subscription 89. 13 10½ was the whole amount to stand against the sum of 250. 0. 0 the old debt of Chappel and 330. 0. 0 the burying ground making 580. 0. 0 in the whole and having the 89. 13. 10½ deducted leaves a debt 490. 6. 1½ on the whole of the property.

4th May 1842

Finished setting potatoes in the three day work.

5th May 1842

Commenced sowing turnips in the same field on the side next the Ing.

11th May 1842

This evening a waggoner who was the worse for liquor was trotting his horses down the road, when one of the wheels ran against the causeway and shook him off the shafts. The wheels ran over him and broke his thigh.

12th May 1842

Charles Wardman laid the new channel for the sewer water to run across the fold.

30th may 1842

A person named Francis attempted to shoot her Majesty on Constitution Hill, but the pistol flashed in the pan when the ruffian was seized.

30th May 1842

Isaac's hen hatched the duck eggs which she had sitten a month, out of 12 eggs he had 11 ducks.

9th June 1842

William Rag Farsley Lane end died aged 20 years Consumption.

14th June 1842

Bought Brother Isaac's stock of hens, ducks, chickens and rabbits for £1. 2. 0 and sold 10 rabbits, 10 ducks, 5 young cocks, and l hen for 12s. 9d. a few days afterwards.

Sunday 19th June 1842

The Anniversary sermons were preached in Rehoboth Chappel by the Rev. Mr. Dyer from Pontefract when collections were made to the amount of £17. 16, 11½,

21st June 1842.

Mother and Mrs Ingham went to Scarborough .

26th June 1842

The Anniversary of the Baptist Chappel, Bramley, Sermons were preached by Messrs. Giles, Dowson and Cummins, when collections were made to the amount of upwards 26 pounds - about £26. 1. 1½

27th June 1842

The temperence Anniversary was held at Farsley, Tea was taken in the Wesleyan School Room after which a public meeting was held in the Chappel when Messrs. Bestow, Roberts and others addressed the meeting Chairman J, Parkinson.

28th June 1842.

Thomas Hainsworth died after a long illness aged 10 years 9 months.

30th June 1842

Sarah wife of George Hainsworth Old fold, Farsley, died aged 63. Her death was occasioned by dropsey and when dead she was of immense size. Buried at Bagley.
About a fortnight ago Mr. Jordan Baptist Minister Stanningley resigned his ministry. In consequence of his rude actions being brought to light.