1841 08/2 to 12/27

3rd August 1841

Finished loading hay. Put the Long Field - Little Pasture and Great Pasture into the Barn. Brought the New Lay and the North Pasture home.

Long Field 6 'lodes' Little Pasture 5, Great Pasture ll, North Pasture 7, New Lay 7½ . It began to rain about ½ past 7 o'clock this evening.

4th August 1841

Father and Isaac set out for Liverpool about 20 minutes to 8 o'clock. The morning was fair, but cold and cloudy. The day very fine.

4th August 1841

At about 8 o'clock this evening 3 coach horses fell opposite the Coal Lane. The fall of the shaft horse caused that of the two others. No person hurt except Aunt Mary by leaping out too hastily.

6th August 1841

Father and Isaac returned from Liverpool about 5 past 6 o'clock. Father thought he had lost his pocket purse, containing 6 pounds, but found it behind the table in the parlor, 3 bales 1/5.

16th August 1841

Father bought a cow of Mr. Wood, Wadlands Hall. He gave about £12, 15s.

27th August 1841

Father bought two pigs of the same persons for about £1. 2s. each.

2nd September 1841

Finished reaping oats, in the bottom ing. There were about 100 haddocks.

3rd September 1841

After a period of uninterrupted fine weather, it began to rain this morning and has the appearance of a wet day.

25th September 1841

About 7 o'c1ock this evening Mr. John Fairbank died aged 70 years.

lst October 1841

Finished sowing wheat in the bottom of the Ing.

7th October 1841

This morning about ½ past 2 o'c1ock Jane Corner daughter of John Corner our `datal' man died aged 16 years after a protracted illness of 2 years.

13th October 1841

Father left home about ½ past 8 o'clock in order to go to Liverpool to the wool sales, which commence tomorrow.

13th October 1841

After a courtship of about 9 weeks Benjamin Walker and Deborah Andrews got married and went to Harewood to dine, accompanied by the Rev Mr, Foster by whom they were married.

16th October 1841 Saturday

Father returned from Liverpool having bought 5 bales of Botany wool 2 at 1/5½ cheap, 2 at 1/6½ cheap, and 1 at 1/5 very dear.

17th October 1841 Sunday

Mr. Rees from Bramley preached at Bagley Chapel the day was not very fine and about ½ past 4 pm. two heavy cracks of thunder were heard towards Yeadon. The evening was very stormy and I took tea at Job Horn's and went to the Methodist Chapel in the evening.

20th October 1841 Wednesday

This evening the Farsley Wesleyan Missionary Meeting was held in the Chapel, the Rev. Philip Garret in the Chair. Addresses were given by the Chairman, Mr. Foster and Mr. Cutting.

This evening was very unfavourable, the rain fell in torrents, the wind blew a gale, the lightening was vivid and the thunder was pretty loud, so that the attendance at the meeting was not numerous, and consequently the collection not large.

21st October 1841

The snow fell very heavily this morning about ½ to 10 o'clock which is the first fall of snow that we have had this season, nearly a month sooner than the first of last year, which fell on the 17 of November in the evening.

27th October 1841

Went to Rawden to witness the settlement of Mr. Liddle. At the commencement of the Service Mr. Stringer from Idle read a chapter.

In the course of the service Mr. Dowson asked the requisite questions of Mr, Liddle and then addressed the meeting stating what constituted a "True Church", Mr. Ackworth addressed the Minister from the words "Make good proof of thy ministry", And Rev. Walter Scott addressed the church over which Mr. Liddle was going to preside.

28th October 1841

Went to Bradford to witness the ordination of Mr. Dowson who is going as a missionary to Jamaica. At the commencement of the service a missionary from that place addressed the meeting and Mr. Whitewood asked the questions of Mrs, Dowson. Mr. Ackworth addressed him, but I did not stay till the close.

15th November 1841

John Brook came to work at our house for 6/- per week,

29th November 1841

The Rev. Mr. Yeadon of Hunslet died of Typhus fever aged 43.

28th November 1841

Joseph Hollings buried, The Oddfellow & Shepherds attended at the funeral.

30th November 1841

Mr, Fenteman held an auction sale of books at Stanningley in a room near the Sun Inn. I went and bought 2 Poems on Prayer, 1 Orthographical work; MacFarlane Evidences, Christianity, Addison etc.

15th December 1841

I for the first time was by S.R. & M. "Noswal".

9th December 1841

Thomas Parkin killed the little pig kept in the cowhouse which cost 26/6 and now weighed 7st.14lbs,

9th December 1841

Had a web to size over in consequence of Jno, Horn's bad sizing.

Christmas Day, 25th December 1841

A tea party was held in the Village School Room, Farsley, in aid of the Benevolent Society, The remains amounted to about the sum of £6. 8s. 6d.
The speakers after the Tea were J. Marshall, Wm. Varley, J.Grimshaw and P. Hainsworth.
Another was held at Rodley for the same interest, left £2.8s.6d.Speakers - Rev. J. Foster, S. Grimshaw, R. Holdsworth W. Lawson.
Parsley Wesleyan Party Speakers ~ J. Parkinson, J. Ingham, I. Milner, Ai. Ellis and I. Turner.

27th December 1841

Thomas Parkinson killed the second pig which cost 20/6 and which now weighed 11st, 9lbs.