1841 03/30 to 07/31

30th March 1841

Benjamin Birdsall died aged 19 years. He had been badly a long time.

21st April 1841

About 7 o'clock this evening a man fell from the coach opposite our garden wall, and cut his head dreadfully, but after the surgeon had examined the wound, he said the skull was not fractured; and the wound not serious.

13th May 1841

This morning the dry-house belonging to Farsley Sunny Bank Mill caught fire, but the fire was got under soon after the fire engine arrived from Pudsey. Shortly after 5 other engines arrived viz. 2 from Bradford and 3 from Leeds. Damage estimated at about £200.

24th June 1841

Job Horn married to Hannah Wade. Also Joshua Fairbank to Mary Child. The second Annual Festival held by the Teetotallers in the Village School Room Farsley when upwards of 200 sat down to tea. After tea a public meeting was held in the Methodist Chapel, when addresses were delivered by the Rev. Mr. Shrewsbury and other gentlemen. Dr. Beaumont in the Chair.

26th June 1841

A fatal accident occurred about 6 o'clock this evening about 5 yards above the Thornhill Hotel, The sufferer was James Hainsworth surnamed Taffy, who was in a drunken state and in consequence thereof, fell under the hind wheels of a waggon going from Bradford, the wheel passing over his neck, caused his death in about 2 minutes.

3rd July 1841 Sunday

This morning about 2 or 3 o'clock, the gun of Mr. Horsfall's keeper, accidentally went off and lodged the contents in the backs of three poachers; one of them was wounded severely, but hopes are entertained of the recovery of all. The keeper above mentioned is Isaac Gaunt.

14th July 1841

On Sunday last, Mr. William Naylor suddenly fell badly, and died this morning. He was generally known by the name of Butcher Naylor.

6th July 1841

Mother came back from Scarborough after an absence of a fortnight.

22nd July 1841

Joseph Craven, James Pecket, Thomas Parkin and Samuel Craven had a York trial with Mr. Ramsbottom, Steward for Thomas Thornhill. The cause was this: Mr. Ramsbottom refused to pay the valuation stated by the valuer and the plaintiffs refused to take any less. After a thorough investigation the jury returned a verdict for the plaintiffs, the whole sum at which the farm etc. of Wadlands Hall had been valued.

29th July 1841

Mr. John Varley's firer died very suddenly. He was in his usual health at l o'clock yesterday and died about ½ past 1 today.

31st July 1841

Joseph Booth of Stanningley was working in good health between 2 and 3 o'c1ock this afternoon, but was suddenly taken ill and died about 4 o'clock.