I have always been involved with computers as part of my job, setting up and running numerous applications from simple databases to complete management and accounts systems.

My experience of information systems has been built on practical work as an engineer and susequently as the MD of a worsted manufacturing mill in Pudsey. After closing down the manufacturing and selling the business in 2001 I have worked for phdcc a company set up by a friend from university (part time; making sure that I spend more time at home with my family.)

Latterly I have I worked more on my own account, specialising in web hosted database systems including several projects related to medical information. Specific languages used: C#, php, MySQL, JavaScript, ActionScript3

Over the last year I have worked in my spare time as the main developer on the pi3d library for the RasbperryPi extending my knowledge of linux, python and OpenGL see: and

I was educated locally at Bradford Grammar then went to Cambridge University to study engineering followed, after a period in industry, by Imperial College where I completed a masters degree in Management Science.

My interests are: my family, rock climbing and sailing.