Boat Blog

I will try and keep a record of everything involved with the construction of this boat as and when it happens. The hours will be added where I can remember with the total hours in square brackets (i.e. laying cloth 2hr [42]) We have a dinghy (National 12 2951 Pipedream) which is great fun to sail and race but only really fits one and a half people, one of which usually has to be me as it's quite tricky to sail. So I thought it would be fun to have a bigger boat, very much like a Hawk 20, that we could take on holiday. Or even take us on holiday. The design specification included the following:

  • self-righting, ballasted (so don't have to sit out for hours on a long journey)
  • small camping cabin plus room for boom tent
  • narrow canoe profile when vertical in light winds
  • flat/planing profile when heeled in stronger winds
  • look nice (in a slightly old fashioned way)

This the finished project on its maiden voyage, St Patrick's Landing, Ulswater, 28 Oct 2011



Also unsinkable after swamping or minor holing!