McAfee worse than any virus

letter to McAfee after they unilaterally renewed


I spoke to someone over the phone about your 'automatic' renewal system. I explained that I thought your practice was sailing very close to the wind, if not actually illegal. I realise that everyone (including me) has agreed to your end user license however the options for buying the software without the automatic renewal were not clear.

I am especially concerned that your software is 'bundled' on a free trial basis with equipment or software sold to people like my Great Aunt and who subsequently opt to use anti-virus software that comes with their broadband provider (or whatever) but are not savvy enough to sort out their license with you, or may have changed their email address so are unaware that they have been renewed, etc.

As you are selling to consumers I am sure that the legality and enforceability of your license would be judged in a court not purely on the wording of the contract but relative to similar organisations selling to the general public. If you are unclear about where you fall on this basis you should look at Virgin's paperwork.

Please register my complaint in your quality assurance system.

I intend to pursue this issue through UK consumer protection organisations until you stop your suspect marketing activities.

Patrick Gaunt

try searching for 'mcafee renewal scam' on google


Are they thick-skinned or just thick?

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