blow away the mystery

sommelier schmellier..

Have you ever wondered, after reading the label of a wine you particularly enjoyed, why producers don't add pepper, berry fruits, cinnamon, oak, toast, chocolate etc. to bring a mediocre wine up to scratch?

Well you can be sure they have tried it. However the fact is that most of those subtle aromas don't last. Grind some pepper or freshly roasted coffee and after a week in the open air much of the smell has gone. Leave it for months in a vat of wine and the flavour imparted will bear as much resemblance to the newly ground ingredients as wine does to grape juice!

BUT in the comfort of your own home, provided you drink the contents quickly, you can "improve" the flavour of basic supermarket wine. This part of the web site is devoted to sharing tips and recipes.

You can also buy kits - an ideal present for a wine expert needing to be taken down a peg or two.. link to appear here soon.