Flash AS3 TowerDefense for FlashDevelop

Here's a link to open the TowerDefense Flash application in another window.

You can see that it is basically the same as MrSun's excellent tutorial but I have cobbled it together so I can get it to work with FlashDevelop (so no Adobe software purchase required). This involved gathering the various bits of the fla file from the sections in the description and putting them into a Main class.

I have also tweaked various bits: damaged enemies lose alpha then change red, enemies have an array including health and value, bitmaps used for emptyBlocks and turrets, turrets gain some damage and range ability if sited next to other turrets, turrets aim at the weakest enemy, possibly other things. I thought I would put a copy here before I modified it too much.

Let me know any problems or advice on doing things better. I know that the text needs to be improved on the textured background and the win and lose need sorting out...


oh Here's the zipped source