plan your website

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If you already have a site hosted by someone you like you will have to give me your logins and passwords for ftp and for control panel. However DO NOT part with this imformation until you have a signed non-disclosure agreement, or at the very least met me face to face

If you don't have a site already think of some possible website names.

Target visitors (think about specific present customers):
-age range
-business, single, couple, family..
-income or price range (i.e. cost conscious, prepared to spend etc)
-expectations (i.e. service, comfort, techno, tradition, style, formal, sense of humour..)

Possible content of interest to people browsing site for posting on forums. (i.e. recipes, howtofix computer problems, nice walks from Howarth, things to do in Keighley, free ring tones..)

Differentiating search words (i.e. geographical, sectorial, brand, product, function..) try to put yourself in the position of one of your target visitors.

Draw as full a tree diagram as you can. Highlight the places that the visitor should be able to get to directly from the menu on every page

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