1849 06/19 to 1854 04

19th June 1849

Went to Beamsley in company with sister Annie and stayed there all night, On the next day we sent to Malham where we met with David Smith, Brother Isaac, Lydia Hainsworth and Grayson Hainsworth. This evening we had a sail upon the lake which was very pleasant.

21st June 1849

Went up to Pen-y-ghent which was managed very well although the wind was very strong.

22nd June 1849

Returned to Beamsley and stayed all night but did not go up the Beacon as we were there very early on Wednesday morning.

23rd June 1849

Came home this evening after a most pleasant journey and delightful weather. Annie and Mary Cockshott and sister came a short distance but sister Annie fell out of the cart and then returned, She is not much hurt I think.
Walker, son of William Walker and Elizabeth was born about ll o'clock am.

1st October 1849

Cholera appeared in Stanningley. The first death was a woman opposite the Druggist shop who had been to Hunslet and washed her sister who had died of the same.

2nd October 1849

Another case of cholera has occurred but I have not heard whether the woman is dead. She had helped to wash a woman who died yesterday, Brother Joseph very poorly. Father fetched Dr. Lambert who says it is fever. He has not been well since Farsley Feast Tuesday at which time he had a bad fall from the cart and narrowly escaped with his life, as also did Joseph Hainsworth and two of Reuben Hollings children.

3rd October 1849

A very cold day. This morning was frosty but it began to rain at 10 o'c1ock after which some snow fell, which is the first snow this season. Trade at the market is now very bad again. Wool is selling perhaps rather lower at London, but not much.
Brother William Lawson has commenced learning phonography and seems to frame well.

22nd November 1849

Mary Elizabeth Hainsworth, daughter of Uncle Reuben Hainsworth was born, Mr. Brook, schoolmaster of the National School at Farsley, got married to a lady at Huddersfield.

25th November 1849

Emily Gaunt, my daughter, was born this day at about twelve o'clock at noon.

4th December 1849

Lost 1 end white hair list from the Leeds Cloth Hall gates. Brother Isaac saw the carrier take it, but did not notice the name.

10th December 1849

Found lost end at King's Trading place. Taken by mistake.

12th January 1850

Wm, Nichols and self commenced spinning with 5 Frames in the middle room of Heather Mill at Willesden which we have taken at £80 per year, including 6 frames in the top room.

13th February 1850

John Womersley of Hillfoot, Pudsey died after about 6 weeks illness.

26th March 1850

Mrs. Foster, wife of Jonas Foster, died after about 2 weeks sickness a which ended in an effusion of blood in the brain.

9th March 1850

George Hainsworth Gaunt, son of Brother Isaac was born.

28th July 1850

Benjamin Riley, my uncle, died after a tedious illness aged 66yrs.

12th October 1851

Louisa Gaunt my daughter was born at 9 o'clock am.

ngzsh April 1854

Charles Gaunt, my son, was born at 10 minutes past 10 am.