1848 01/01 to 10/25

1st January 1848

Susanah Wood, daughter of George Wood, died aged 1y.

8th January 1848

A Better market at Leeds than we have had for a long time. The impression seems to prevail that we shall now improve,

1st February 1848

John Hainsworth Smith, son of David Smith, died of scarlet fever aged 3yrs. and 10 weeks. Hannah Gaunt, daughter of my cousin John Gaunt of Woodnook died 16th January.

31st March 1848

J Mary Hannah Slater, wife of Elijah Slater, died after a long illness aged. Sarah my wife, was taken ill last Sunday, but is now rather better, First fine spring day this season.

2nd April 1848

Very fine morning, but it began to thunder about 10 o'clock and did not cease till 8 or 9 at night, Very heavy rain fell and many houses were flooded.

23rd, 24th & 25th June 1848

A dreadful insurrection broke out in Paris in which many 1000s were killed.

4th July 1848

Brother Isaac got married to Priscilla Hainsworth his cousin.

Tuesday 18th July 1848

Rev. Richard Winter Hamilton DD, LL.D., died of Erysipelas aged .

Thursday 3rd August 1848 4 ` ·

Edward Baines Esq. Leeds, editor of the Leeds Mercury died aged 73.

9th August 1848

A Wm. Walker married to Elizabeth Clarkson my cousin.

25th October 1848

Aunt Harriet Hainsworth, wife of my mother's brother John, died aged 47 years.