1847 08/28 to 12/30

28th August 1847

William Wood married to Ann Fairbank at Westgate Chapel, Bradford, after which they went to Scarborough, Martha Hollings, wife of John Hollings, died after a very short illness.

2nd September 1847

Went to Leeds and from there to Scarborough this morning with a cheap ltrip. I went in the 2nd class for which I paid 4/3.

6th September 1847

Returned from Scarborough, While there I met with a few very agreeable friends from Leeds with whom I spent most of my time.

7th September 1847

John Turner, known by the name of Great Turner, fell out of his cart I and was very near being killed.

8th September 1847

Thomas Dibb died at Leeds Infirmary. He got lamed last week by a fall of earth whilst working at the Delph Ore Railway, The harvest is now almost all got in which is very abundant and very well got. Flour is now 2/= per stone of 141bs. and potatoes are selling at 9d. Father is selling his at 8d.

20th September 1847

Father sowed wheat in the long field from which he reaped a good crop of oats some weeks ago. William Barker of Bramley got married last Thursday with Miss Craven from Horsforth. Isaac went to Scarborough on Saturday.

28th September 1847

A Benjamin Wade died aged . He had been a door keeper at Bagley Chapel a great number of years. Very fine weather. Father got done sowing wheat last week. Sarah's father bought a black horse at Idle for £16.

9th October 1847

Rev. Jonathan Eli, Independent Minister of Leeds, died after about a month's illness. He was 54 years old.

15th October 1847

Jonathan Corner took his bed of fever.

25th October 1847

Jonathan Corner died this evening aged 47 years.

29th October 1847

Went with Bess Corner to Calverley to administer.

13th November 1847

Buried Martin Walton's wife who died on Thursday, Went to Leeds but sold nothing nor had a price bid. Rather better market, Prices very low, but wool very cheap. Dyed 2 cloths of wool yesterday which cost £16,

14th November 1847

John Hainsworth, son of Wm. Hainsworth died of scarlet fever aged Bkyrs. Isaac came from London about a week ago. He bought 15 bales. 5 @ llkd. 2 @ lO&d. 4 @ 1/0&d, 3 @ l/l 1 @ 1/lid, Whole fleece except the 2 @ 10kd,

17th November 1847

First snow and first ice this season. Very little of either but very cold,

18th November 1847

Very strong frost and much ice.

1st December 1847

George Hainsworth, brother of my grandfather, died rather suddenly aged 76. Influenza very prevalent. We all have it and my wife is very ill, Some people think it to be the forerunner of the Asiatic Cholera which has now advanced as far as Moscow in Russia.

4th December 1847

Went to Leeds but sold nothing, although there has been a rather better market than during the last few weeks.

Influenza is now almost universal both in Leeds, London and the Continent as well as Scotland.
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George Andrews of Farsley died after a long illness aged
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Nanty Cockshott, wife of John Cockshott,of Farsley, died after many years illness.
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Very dark day. Went to Bethel School to tea and the evening with
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wm. Varley preached three times at Bagley Chapel.

28th December 1847

Bess Corner had a County Court trial at Bradford with James Ingham about the horse which he had bought off Corner while living. The verdict was given against Bess. I appeared as a witness for her which is the first time I was ever in any Court.

29th December 1847

Elisabeth my daughter was born about k past 9 o'clock this morning. Dr. Lambert in attendance from 6 o'clock, which was the 2nd time of his coming. This evening a snow storm set in after a very cold day,

30th December 1847

A very fine sharp day with snow about 6 inches deep. This has been a dreadful year for the mercantile world. Failures to an enormous extent have taken place, and most of those who have not failed have lost a great deal of money. I have this year lost £35. 0. 0.