tips for making a useful website

In addition to providing good content it is essential also to think through, and explicitly define:

  • profiles of people that might be trying to find the website through a search engine, what they might be looking for and what search words they are likely to enter.
  • The objectives of the website with respect to the outside world. This will guide the styling and graphic design work as well as the effort in optimizing search engine rating.

As well as "seeding" your website url with the various search engines you need to make sure you have the key words your visitors will search for near the top of your home page. It is also a good idea to find discussion groups relevant to your website and try to make positive contributions at the same time as leaving pointers back to the useful content you have posted on your website.

Think about the structure and volume of the user added website content. Although this is flexible with a CMS, and especially drupal with its flexible hierarchy, it will make the development of the interactive part of the site much easier if the initial categories are well thought out.

Be clear at the outset of user roles and groups, and what access and administrative rights they would be given.