1847 01/02 to 06/08

2nd January 1847

Daniel Hainsworth, my uncle, had an apopletic fit this evening after Priscilla had gone to bed. He got to bed of himself, but was very poorly next morning. Mr, Light and Miss Varley got married this week.

22nd January 1847

Public Meeting in the top School Farsley, to choose Trustees to whom the premises might be legally conveyed. I was one of the persons chosen along with Daniel Hainsworth, Peter Hainsworth, Reuben Hainsworth, Benjamin Hainsworth, George Hainsworth, John Smith, George Andrews, Martin Walton, Joshua Fairbank, Jonathan Marshall, John Cockshott.

23rd January 1847

Uncle Peter paid the sum of £10.12, 6 to the Leeds Baptist Committee for the Relief of the Poor in Ireland this day. This sum was collected by myself and my friend David Smith in Farsley and neighbourhood. Besides which Joseph Ferrer has collected the sum of nearly £45 which with £8 from the Friends make about £63.10. 0 collected in this village. We also got a few I pounds for the Relief of the Poor in the village but we shall perhaps do a little more. Our present amount is about £o. Very dark cold weather and provisions very high and little work for the poor. Flour 3/2 per 14lb. Oatmeal 4/= per 20lbs. Malt 5/- per stone and potatoes 1d. per lb.

15th February 1847

A meeting was held in the Methodist School to take into consideration the state of the poor, when it was resolved to open a subscription and the sum of £26.14. O was subscribed. The poor of Farsley is in a very bad state. No work and dear food. Potatoes £l per load, flour 3/2 per stone meal 4/- per peck.

21st February 1847

Joseph Slater, son of Elijah and Mary Hannah Slater, was born. They were married about the 5th of October last.

27th February 1847

Better market today than for several months past. I sold nothing, Isaac sold 2 ends to Sykes at 5/-,

4th March 1847

Messrs. Glover Brothers absconded and the police were sent to search for them. They were found to have forged bills to a considerable amount, some say upwards of £10,000.

13th March 1847

Wm. Lawson, my wife's father, took the farm at Rodley belonging to Dr, Grenoble. He has engaged to pay for land £108 per year. The farm contains about 30 acres of land besides houses which let for £29 per year.

25th March 1847

Finished setting potatoes in the three day work. Oats were finished last week, Sam Wood taken very 111. He was at his work but had to be got to father's bed, got rather better at noon and was carried home in the cart.

28th March 1847

Sunday School Anniversary for the three schools. Mr, Dowson preached in the afternoon from the 29th Chapter of Deuteronomy 29th verse "The secret things belong unto the Lord our God” etc. And in the evening Dr. Godwin preached from the 18th chapter of Genesis 14th verse "Is nothing too hard for the Lord". The collections amounted to £13. 7. 7. The day was very wet, heavy rain and sleet falling all the day, in the evening it took up and is like for frost.

2nd April 1847

Joseph Hainsworth, son of John Hainsworth, known by the name of Landlord John died. Very cold wild day, much hail and snow, the ground was covered both this morning and also yesterday morning.

5th April 1847

Thomas Read died aged . He has been rather poorly for some time, but was walking out yesterday. He had a fit last night and died about noon today William Barmby also lies dead at the time,

9th April 1847

John William my son set off walking. He walked across the floor several times.

19th April 1847

John Wilson of Stanningley was buried,

22nd April 1847

Frederick Taylor married to Mary Lawson, my wife's eldest sister. They were married at the Registrar's Office, Park Row, Leeds. Flour this week at 3/2 and 3/= per stone of 14lb. Potatoes at 2/2 per Zllbs. Scarcely any work, particularly in Farsley where the mills are not running more than half time.

7th May 1847

Old Mary Marshall, wife of Jonathan Marshall, died after being ill a long time. Went to help my wife's father to prepare land for potatoes. The field prepared is called the stony field.

11th May 1847

Went to Leeds and sold 2 ends to Mr. Jordan at 5/6. This was one of the worst markets I ever saw, there being literally nothing doing. The corn market rose upwards of 10/= per quarter. I gave 3/6 per stone for flour on Saturday, I suppose this week it will be at 4/-.

24th May 1847

Eliza Corner, daughter of John Corner, died of consumption aged 20 yrs.

27th May 1847 ·

Elizabeth Taylor born. Went yesterday to Leeds to the Baptist Association with my wife and her sister Annie,

1st June 1847

Mary Ann Littlewood, daughter of John Turner, and wife of William Littlewood, died aged . Went to Leeds and sold 8 ends to Henry Sykes. Corn fell in Leeds market 10/- per quarter. It fell also last week, and at London yesterday 15/-. Flour is now 3/= per stone. Potatoes much lower than they have been, and greens in abundance. Glorious weather. The crops are looking extremely well.

5th June 1847

Sam Dowgill, known by the name of "Bo" died after a few days illness. The cause of his death is said to be privation, Farsley is still in a very bad state and very little prospect of improvement. Flour is 3/2 per stone but it is intended to rise it to 3/6 this day as it rose 5/· or 8/- yesterday at Wakefield.

8th June 1847

Went to Leeds, but sold nothing as there was a very bad market. Old Tom says worse than ever. Corn rose this day 10/= per quarter.