1846 06/01 to 12/18

Whit Monday 1st June 1846

John Smith my cousin came over last Saturday and went with me to the Sunday School Anniversary today, We walked from the Chapel up Farsley through Stanningley past the Baptist Chapel, Bramley and down to Rodley where John and I took tea. The day was exceeding warm.

2nd June 1846

John Smith went home, I went to Leeds but sold nothing. There was a very bad market,

3rd June 1846

Dog Pompey came this week.
Associated services at Bradford, I Went in the morning with Annie and Elizabeth Lawson and heard Mr. Brett preach in Westgate Chapel from the 21st chapter Revelations the 26th verse "There shall be no night there". Sarah came at noon and in the evening we went to Salem Chapel and heard Mr. Brill preach a very good sermon from the 2nd Ephesians 19th verse "The Household of God". Day very fine and hot,

4th June 1846

John Corner went to Atherton Fair and sold the horse which father and he joined of for £17. 5. 0. and then bought another for £8.10. 0 which is rather lame and very poor,

10th June 1846

Martha Whitaker, wife of Joseph Whitaker of Farsley died after a protracted sickness. Aunt Lydia and Sally Hollings came and divided Mother's clothes.

12th June 1846

Hannah Gaunt, daughter of Cousin John and Betty Gaunt, Woodnock, born about breakfast time.

22nd June 1846

Went to Liverpool with Uncle Daniel and co. Isaac also went. I bought 8 bales of wool 4 at 1/1½, 1 @ 1/=, 1 @ 1/3 and 2 @ 1/5½. Isaac bought 4.

28th June 1846

Bramley Baptist Chapel opened. The services comenced on Friday the 19th and concluded today. The whole amount of the collections was £405. 0.10. Dr. Cox preached the last sermon from 1st John 1st chapter 7th verse "For the blood of Jesus Christ His son cleanseth us from all sin".
Father Lawson and wife went to Clayton to the funeral of her mother's sister who was 91 years old,

29th June 1846

Commenced mowing the ing and finished leading on Friday the 3rd July,

3rd July 1846

Isaac Hainsworth, son of old Isaac Hainsworth, my Grandfathers brother died aged about 22,

31st July 1846

Hannah Naylor wife of Jeremiah Naylor died after a protracted illness aged 33.

24th July 1846

Jeremiah Grimshaw's wife got her bed of a daughter. Also Joshua Fairbanks and Martin Walton both got daughters. » .5th August 1846 V Free Trade Dinner held at Farsley to celebrate the passing of the Corn Bill. The dinner was prepared by Charles Fewster and eaten in a tent ‘ fixed in John Busfields field and about 360 took dinner. The tickets were sold at 9d. each to the working people and the remainder furnished by subscription,

13th August 1846

David Smith's, my friend, wife was delivered of a daughter which they call

14th August 1846

A very wet day and very cold for the season. The wind blew the old haystack over this evening.

22nd August 1846

Went with my wife and children to see Mr. Smith. Lost Sarah when we started back and had to carry both the children home.

24th August 1846

John William my son began to be ill about ll o'clock this forenoon.

25th August 1846

Father finished cutting oats in the long field. John William is worse today.

26th August 1846

John William much worse. I fetched Dr. Lambert this evening he is afraid the child's head getting worse. Has given orders for it to be bathed with cold water and salt.

29th August 1846

Went to Leeds and sold 2 ends to Mr. Beamont from Manchester. When I got home I found my son much worse . The Dr. seems to be of the opinion that the disease has got to be water on the brain. I very much fear he will not get better. The Dr. came again this evening and I went down for some fresh medicine and lotion to bathe his head with. I hope it will do some good which would greatly relieve his distressed mother and myself. We cannot tell what to do, he takes no notice of anything. How I fear he is going to leave us.

30th August 1846

John William opened his eyes at half past 12 o'clock last night and has continued to improve till noon. After dinner he relapsed a little but was very much better this morning the 31st August. Farsley Feast, Farsley was very busy this Feast. Isaac went to Scarborough on Saturday.

lst September 1846

John William much better today. Went to Leeds and left him playing with Mary Hannahs playthings. When I came home he was not quite as well. Much flushed. Bad cough but head cooler,

2nd September 1846

John William worse today and his cough is very bad causing him to vomit often. His head is also rather worse and he is much flushed at times. Dr. Lambert orders linseed tea which must be boiled along with raisins and Spanish juice. And William bathed with mustard and salt mixed with it.

25th October 1846

Rawdon Independent Chapel opened. The services comenced last Tuesday. There are to be 12 services before they conclude. I went this evening and heard Dr. Vaughan from Manchester. The place has cost £2050 and previous to this morning £1708 had been collected and promised leaving £350. Elizabeth Lawson, my wife's sister very ill of typhus fever. She began last Thursday after carrying Annie to Leeds who was going to Wakefield to live.

9th November 1846

Mary Waite, daughter of Benjamin Waite, was buried. She had been very ill for a long time of an abscess.

7th November 1846

Brother Isaac went with Adolph Ivor to Germany.

10th November 1846

Very bad market at Leeds, Sold 2 ends to Ibbotson at 6/4. Fine day. Leeds Fair, Great many folks.

20th November 1846

Elizabeth Lawson died this morning after a months illness from fever. Annie came home from Wakefield a few days ago. Brother Isaac came home from Germany, He states that the Germans have an advantage over us in the slubbing and spinning but in nothing else connected with cloth making. They send their wool to the mill dyed and get it back in yarn at about 1d per skein let the length be what it may.

23rd November 1846

Elizabeth Lawson buried at Bagley. Went to her funeral with Sarah, her mother could hardly leave the grave and was sore distressed. Her sister Annie is also utterly disconsolate, poor Annie she indeed feels a sisters love and a sisters sorrow. Elizabeth was 19 years old last March. Matthew Coates of Pudsey died this morning. He has been some time ill of fever, his loss will be severely felt in the neighbourhood as he made a great deal of cloth. He is reported to have made his will of £3,000 and has left a wife in a state of pregnancy.

28th November 1846

Isaac went to London by the E past 12 o'clock train after having measured 18 ends at Sykes at 5/3. These were sold last market day, we have neither of us sold any cloth today. A very bad market. This morning was the strongest frost there has been this season, The snow fell this evening about 4 inches deep, which is the first there has been. George Hainsworth, son of James Hainsworth, firer at Sunny Bank Mill, sgot his hand by accident on Friday,

18th December 1846

Thaw commenced today after three weeks of almost uninterrupted frost, at least the ice had never been all gone.