1846 01/01 to 05/29

lst January 1846

Very fine day but colder than Christmas Day. A tea party was held in A the Wesleyan School Room in aid of the Female British School when upwards of 200 tickets were sold which in addition to those who paid at the table amounted to £ . We had a very good tea which was found by the Waites.

6th January 1846

Mary Taylor, wife of Frederick Taylor, died after a very long illness aged 31.

18th January 1846

Mr. Foster improved the death of Mary Taylor this afternoon from the following words which are in the 88th Psalm, the last verse "Lover and friend hast thou put far from me and my acquaintance into darkness". Mr. Lord preached in the evening from the lst Corinthians lst chapter the 23rd verse "But we I preach Christ crucified"

20th January 1846

Sally Mathers died aged .

22nd January 1846

Mary Ann Lawson, daughter of John and Mary Lawson, died of measles. She was of the same age as our Mary Hannah.

23rd January 1846

Leeds West Riding Bank stopped payment of cheques today but are taking up their notes, I have in £300 and Father has £400. We can get nothing,

24th January 1846

Went to Leeds and sold 4 ends drab to Mr, Sykes @ 5/= and 2 ends belonging to Isaac Gaunt of Cote which were the first he has made all his own. They are rifles at 5/3. Also sold 2 browns to Mr. Charles @ 5/9 the first time I have traded with them and they wanted me to let them have more.

19th February 1846

Father sow wheat at Cote and he sow about 3 strokes.

18th February 1846

A Public Dinner was held at the Fleece Inn in Farsley this evening when about 80 sat down. After the dinner a meeting was held to commemorate the return of Lord Morpeth for the West Riding of Yorkshire. And also to take into consideration the building of the Town Hall.

20th February 1846

Christopher Jeffreys Junior, son of the late Mr. Jeffreys, died after a short life of sickness aged about 9 months,

Sunday, lst March 1846

Very fine day. Indeed the last month (February) has been such a month as is not remembered by anybody, fine mild and open weather and the fields are in a more forward state now than they were on May day the year before last, that is 1844,

4th April 1846

Went to Leeds but sold nothing. Got the first burlings at Sykes, the shorts amounted to about 6d. per end without extra burling. It began to snow coming home and continued till bedtime when the ground was completely covered.

10th May 1846

Aunt Hannah Gaunt died at Yeadon at her daughter Betty's house. She had been better during the week than for some weeks past.

23rd May 1846

Fieldhouse, my cousin Elsie Fieldhouse's child got drowned aged 1 year 7 months.
Finished setting potatoes yesterday and the three day work.

26th May 1846

News of the birth of the Princess Elizabeth in Leeds today.
Went to Leeds and sold 4 ends black to Mr. Jordan at 6/8. A very bad market and cloth getting worse to sell. Wool is selling lower at London.

28th May 1846

James Craven brought the gravestone and placed it over Mother’s grave.
The Corn Bill read the second time in the House of Lords and passed by a majority of 27.

29th May 1846

A very fine warm day, Father bought a red and white cow off Jim Bradley Yeadon for £13. Called at Calverley and paid James Craven £6. 15. 0 for gravestone.