1845 04/02 to 07/28

2nd April 1845

Mr. Foster was presented by the church with a silver teapot, a pair of silver spectacles and other articles which cost together 12. 7. 6. The sum which was given was £12. 11. 0 so that there remains 3/6 in money.

19th April 1845

Aunt Hannah went to Yeadon with Isaac and Corner as they went to Otley and my Mother told her she would have her no more.

23rd April 1845

A public meeting was held in the village School Room Farsley to elect a committee of management for the weekday school and the following persons were appointed. Committee Daniel Hainsworth, George Andrews, Martin Wilton, Benjamin Hainsworth, John Turner, George Hainsworth Junior, George Hainsworth Senior, Isaac Keighley, Thomas Andrews, Josiah Fairbank, Jonathan Marshall, Daniel Hainsworth, John Hainsworth.

Sunday, 27th April 1845

Rev. Dr. Sharp from America preached at Bagley Chapel when collections were made on behalf of the Sunday schools. The amount collected was £18.10. 0 In the afternoon he preached from the 29th verse of the 2nd Chapter of the lst Epistle of John, "If ye know that he is righteous ye know that every one that doeth righteousness is born of him", In the evening he preached from the 9th verse of the 119th Psalm "Wherewithal shall a young man cleanse his way? By taking heed thereto according to thy word".

14th May 1845

I went to London to the Wool Sales. We started from Leeds at half past six o'clock and arrived in London at about a quarter to eight.
West Riding Baptist Associations held at Farsley, The collections for the Itinerant Missions were £31.
George Wood married to Mary Carter.

20th May 1845

I returned from London having bought l0 bales of wool, l @ 1/3½, l @ l/4½, l @ 1/6½, 4 @ 1/8½, l Cape l/8½, and 2 Spanish all William Hirst @ 2/3. Left London at 7 got to Leeds at 10 fare each way 17s.2d.

16th May 1845

Wm. Varley went to preach a few months at Slack Lane.
Abraham Keighley began this day 26th May to weave at 7s. Per week.

9th June 1845

The village school Farsley was re-opened by Miss Harding from Borough Road School, London. The village school is now for families.
For a good lasting red for 16lb wool boil in alum and then take about 8lb barwood, after which boil a little in about ½ a pack of Killwood Spirits of Salts.

16th June 1845

Isaac started with Uncle Peter to Malham but it came on a very wet day.

17th June 1845

Weight of parlour range and grate etc. 172 lbs.

18th June 1845

Uncle John Hainsworth's little child died last night,

29th June 1845

Betty Keighley, wife of Ephraim Keighley, died after a long illness. She was brought to bed of a girl about 2 months ago. The child is still living and it called Elizabeth.
Bramley Sunday School Anniversary. Mr. Lomas preached in the evening from the 24th chapter in Acts the 16th verse. Collections amounted to £12.

3rd July 1845

Nanny Hainsworth, wife of George Hainsworth, known by the name of Joseph George, died.

2nd July 1845

I went to London for the fifth time,

6th July 1845

Returned from London by water. Fare to Hull 7/= from Hull to Leeds 5/=, I bought at London ll bales of wool, 5 @ 1/7½, 5 @ 1/5½, 1 @ 1/4½.

8th July 1845

I was not at Leeds today and Mr. Sykes was not in the market in consequence of the death of James Brown the Master whom they buried today.

15th July 1845

Mother and Ben Hainsworth's wife went to Scarborough, Father went with them but returned the next day.

21st July 1845

Isaac went to London to the wool sales.

23rd Julv 1845

Examination of the scholars of the weekday school. Mr. Hood from Leeds examined them. Collection £2.15. 0.

27th July 1845

Collections for the weekday school. Mr. Haiste preached in the morning and afternoon, and Mr. Scott from Cleckheaton in the evening. Collections 7 morning £9. 0.11, afternoon £13. 7. O, evening £14. O. 2½. total £39. 7. O Mr. Liddle preached in the evening in consequence of Mr. Scott not coming. His text was "the hairs of your head are all numbered."
Mr. Jeffries of Wood Nook died after a long illness aged 47.
Annie Riley declared herself to be innocent a few days ago.

28th July 1845

Isaac came from London after being there a week. He has bought 10 bales 3 @ 1/8½, 3 @ 1/7, 1 @ 2/5½, 1 @ 2/O½, l @ 1/4, and 1 @ l0½d.
Mother came from Scarborough on the same day. Finished leading except about 2 loads.