1845 01/01 to 0312

1st January 1845

Mother's birthday, she had a party of women to tea. Annie and Elizabeth Lawson came to our house to tea.

13th January 1845

Rehobeth new school was commenced in the new schoolroom under the Chapel. Under the tuition of Mr. Garforth from Borough Road School, London. This week there was about 140 scholars.

20th January 1845

This week there were in the new school 160 scholars. The evening school has also commenced this week with about 80 scholars.

24th January 1845

Benjamin Johnson's goods were sold by private contract, the old man having been buried only a day or two ago.

26th January 1845

This morning was ushered in by a violent gale of wind which was strong about 7 o'clock. About that time part of the windows of the Wesleyan Chapel Farsley, were blown out and the slates had to be tied down or they were likely to go also. Rehobeth Chapel did not suffer much, only a few squares of glass broken by the shutters, In the afternoon Mr, Fox preached at Rehobeth from the 16th chapter of lst Corinthians the 14th verse "whatever I do let it be done in charity“.

27th January 1845

The first real covering of snow this season.

1st February 1845

Went to Leeds but sold nothing.
Isaac sold 2 ends to Mr. Ibbotson of blue @ 5/9 and 2 to Mr, Pawson of rifle @ 5/=. Wool sales going higher at London,
Emma Andrews died aged 19 years.
John Gaunt and Betty Hollings went to Bradford to buy a ring to get married on Monday but lost each other before they got it bought and Betty came home crying.

3rd February 1845

Caroline Inchcliffe came to live at my fathers but only stayed a week.
This week, perhaps Thursday, my wife's sister Annie got scalded by her sister Elizabeth with some coffee.

8th February 1845

Mr. Foster preached old Ben Johnson's funeral sermon.
The day was very cold and at noon the snow began to fall and continued all day until we went to bed when it still seemed like snow.

16th February 1845

Thomas Walker died after a long illness. He was found dead in bed this morning.

17th February 1845

Opening of the Methodist Infant School. Mr. Hardcastle preached yesterday two sermons. Mr. or rather Dr. Newton preached tonight from Hebrews 10th chapter 35th verse "Cast not away therefore your confidence which hath great recompense of reward". The collections amounted in all to £40. 7. 9.

26th February 1845

Hannah Walker, daughter of Reuben Thomas Walker, was buried at Bagley. She had been ill a long time.
Uncle John Hainsworth is very ill and they sent today for Mr, Rawson from Leeds to make his will.
Mr. Foster preached at our house in the evening from the 3rd chapter 2nd verse of the gospel by John "we know that thou art a teacher come from God". A very poor attendance.

27th February 1845

Thomas Hollings, son of Thomas Hollings of Woodhall Hills, died after a short illness during which he had scarcely any pain, He was at his sisters marriage but felt rather poorly.
Liverpool Wool sales commence tomorrow.

3rd March 1845

Bradford Fair, Mary Hannah our daughter commencedwalking by herself,
Very cold weather just now with hard frosts and a little snow.

8th March 1845

John Mathers, my wife's grandfather, died aged 78. He had been watering the cows and fell at the bottom of the field coming home. He was got into the house by Mary and his son Charles and died immediately.

13th March 1845

I went with my wife to her grandfathers funeral it was a very cold frosty day. Left Hannah at Rodley to wean. David Parish very ill of inflammation, in a very dangerous state.

12th March 1845

Hannah Hollings, wife of Thomas Hollings, died aged . Her daughter Annie is very ill. Benjamin Waite married to my cousin Rose Hainsworth of Farsley. My brother Isaac went to the wedding which was at Leeds.
Old Wells the paper man died last Saturday.