1844 09/03 to 12/22

3rd September 1844

Finished cutting oats and wheat. Oats in the long field, three day work and new lay. Wheat and the three day work. Good crops.

lst September 1844

Betty Lee married Harry Harold Westerby

2nd September 1844

Sam Farrer went to get married to Annie Busfield but ran away when the minister was putting the ring on her finger.

Wednesday 11th September 1844

I went with Uncle Peter and Father Lawson to Malham Weir. We stayed till Monday, 16th. We went by Burnsall and Skythornes, but came back by Skipton

Tuesday. 15th October 1844

Bad markets Mr. Sykes buying very little and wanting to lower at least 3d. per yd.

Wednesday 16th October 1844

My wife was taken very ill this morning and was compelled to go back to bed,

17th October 1844

Her mother came to see her today and told her to be in bed, indeed she was in a lying in state.

Friday. 18th October 1844

Opened the Wesleyan Chapel, Farsley. In the morning and evening Dr, Beaumont from Liverpool preached and in the afternoon Mr. Evereth from York. Collection £69 odd.

Sunday. 20th October 1844

Mr. Dunn morning and evening and Mr. McEwan in the afternoon. Collection £81 odd. George Walker died this morning.

24th October 1844

Mr. MacDonald preached this evening to a good audience, from Isiah 64th Chapter 7th verse "There is none that stirreth himself to take hold of the Lord." Collection £33 odd.

31st October 1844

We killed our little pig we got from Rodley. weight Ben Keighley's got a daughter and called it ,

10th November 1844

Our Joseph taken very ill from a cold taken on the 5th of this month. The Dr. says it is a fever.

12th November 1844

Wm, Varley left his work in consequence of a continued pain in his side.

6th November 1844

Samuel Barker married to Grace Anne Turner daughter of James Turner, Farsley. They were married at the Leeds Parish Church.

16th November 1844

A very bad market at Leeds but I was not there. Isaac was there but sold nowt. Trade very bad up the hill and the mill has had to stand two or three times this week for work. Wool rather lower but not much. No 7s noil 1/9 per lb, No. 8s l/ll per lb. Wades no. 12s l/ll, Rands no. 6s 1/9½, 7s l/ll, 8s 2/=, 9s 2/l½, Willets no. E 1/9, D l/ll.

20th November 1844

My wife went to her fathers.
Reopening of Rehobeth Chapel for Divine Service after having been considerably enlarged. Mr, Birchall preached in the afternoon from Revelation 5th chapter 11th and 12th verses, Collection £30.12,5½ and in the evening Mr. Giles Pertwee Leeds, preached from the 5th chapter Corinthians (H) 13th verse - "For whether we be beside ourselves" etc. collection £29. 3, 6. I collected in the afternoon, the first time in my life.

24th November 1844

Continuation of the re-opening services. Mr. Roe preached in the morning from the 49th Psalm 8th verse · "The redemption of the soul is precious". The women collected this morning £72,15.5½, Afternoon Mr. Dawson from Bradford preached from lst chapter lst Peter 12th verse - "which things the angels desired to look into", Collection £45.4.0. Mr. Dowson £5. total £50. 4. O. And in the evening Mr. Roe preached from 26th Psalm 8th verse - "Lord I have loved the habitation of thy house and the place where thine honour dwelleth. Collection £54,l0.9½.

26th November 1844

Mr, McDonald from Wakefield preached from 10th chapter of John 10th verse - "I am come that they might have life and that they might have it more abundantly" £35.14. 0. On summing up particularly the collections were found to be £275.14. 0. subscriptions £508. 0. 0, total £783. 14. 0
David Smith's wife Elizabeth was brought to bed of a son which they named John Hainsworth Smith.
Joseph Stricklands wife (Aunt Betty) was brought to bed of a daughter which they named .
I went to Leeds and sold 2 ends of blue cloth to Mr, Barlow of but took them back because they wanted to call them Q yd. Less than they were. Price 4/6 per yd. made of the wood 12b noils 2/4. My daughter Mary Hannah rather poorly today from cold.

lst December 1844

Trade still very flat but our sort of light blues pretty good to sell.

3rd December 1844

A rather better market at Leeds. Sold nothing.

4th December 1844

Went to Bradford and bought 19st. wood nc. 13 nolls at 1/11 and 1 Sheet Willet no. E noils at 1/9. Ordered 2 sheets more. Wool rather firmer.

6th December 1844

I Got our new stove which cost 10/2 piping. Very cold today and a strong frost all the day which is the first strong frost this season.

8th December 1844

A cold frosty day. Went to Bagley Chapel in the morning and heard a student preach a good sermon from these words "I am not ashamed of the Gospel etc." At noon, a little before the afternoon service some alarm was occasioned by some shavings taking fire which had been left near the flue, but it was got out without any damage.
Charles Mellor died this morning about 3-o o'clock. Snow began to fall this evening which is the first that has fallen this winter. Aunt Hannah came back from Yeadon last Tuesday after staying a long time. Mary Elizabeth Hainsworth; daughter of Uncle Reuben and Aunt Mary died last night aged 1 year and a few weeks. She was about 9 weeks older than our Mary Hannah.

20th December 1844

Opening of the new organ at Farsley new church which cost £130.
They had got by subscription from £70 to £l00.

22nd December 1844

Continuation of the organ opening. The amount of collections is about £50. I did not attend.