1844 04/01 to 08/31

lst April 1844

Uncle Reuben's daughter Mary Elizabeth was shortened. Jonathan Dowgill's funeral is to take place tomorrow, I am asked but have sent 2/= with Job Horn.

17th April 1844

Rebecca Keighley died of smallpox aged 4 years,

18th April 1844

Fetched a loom from Bradford Moor £4.15.0 also a new [rattle] 3s.

19th April 1844 `

Isaac and Corner went to Otley Show today, I stayed at home. Buried Rebecca Keighley this day at Bagley,

24th April 1844

Amos Keighley was married to Betty Wade of Cropper House. They were married at Westgate Chapel Bradford by Mr, Foster.

lst May 1844

Christopher Keighley married to Elizabeth Horn at the same place etc.

8th May 1844

In the morning fetched a loom from William Bentleys which cost £2.3.O and an indigo chest which cost 7s. Removed out of the little house into the one which Beck's left last Thursday. Our new door was broken out last Saturday.
Got also my new Jenny from Joseph Maudes which is to be £9.15.0
Mary Hannah our daughter was inoculated for the smallpox,

14th Mav 1844

Removed from my old place in Queen Street Coloured Cloth Hall, Leeds, to the four stands which my father took in Change Alley. I sold in this my new place 2 ends to Mr. Sykes of blue at 5/4 and 2 ends of rifle to Mr. Brown at 6/=.

14th May 1844

Bought my new stock at Barracloughs Leeds for 6/= and my whip in Kirkgate for 9/=. _

Whit Monday 27th May 1844

I went to the Anniversary and we walked from the school to the chapel and from thence round Coal Hill to Club Lane bottom where the top school scholars left and went up to the school. I stayed at Rodley.

27th May 1844

William Carter Lane End married to Anne Farrer of Rodley.

28th May 1844

Sold 4 ends Brown to Mr. Sykes at 4/5. Went to the Zoological Gardens, A vast number present, Hannah Lawson, Sarah's mother, scalded her foot by felling the coffee kettle off the rib at it,

lst June 1844

Mary Hannah, our daughter, got the first tooth.

2nd June 1844

Sarah and myself went to Woodhall's anniversary,

lst June 1844

Mary Hannah Varley (Farrer) died after a long illness aged .

2nd June 1844

Benjamin Gott of Calverley was buried today, he died last Wednesday from wounds received on Monday at Bradford.

5th June 1844

lsaac's bees swarmed, these being the first he has had.

Sunday 16th June 1844

Mary and Annie Lawson came to our house with Grace Broadbent. This is the first time of Grace's coming,

2Oth June 1844

Isaac went to Harrogate in company with Ben Waite,

21st June 1844

Mother went to Ilkley. Father took Joe and her in a gig cart, but Joe came back with him and Mother stayed at Listers under the Cow.

22nd June 1844

Thomas Birdsalls wife left him this morning in consequence of a bat which he gave her for interfering with him for chastising his son Alfred,

29th June 1844

I went to Ilkley and stopped at Rhodes's but ate with my Mother at old Listers. Came home on Monday 1st July.

8th July 1844

David Keighley died aged . He has been very delicate ever since Josiah died.

10th Jul 1844

Commenced leading clover out of the ing which was mown last Friday the 5th inst. The same day my Mother came home from Ilkley.

Sunday 4th August 1844

Mary Keighley, daughter of Ephraim and Betty Keighley, Farsley Lane End, was buried at Bagley Chapel.

3rd August 1844

Isaac and George Stead and William Gaunt went with Isaac's bees to the Lane but one hive broke down as they went.

4th August 1844

Sarah went to Calverley Feast. I got dinner, tea and supper there also.

7th August 1844

I got invoiced for 4 bales of wool bought at London on the 31st July by Martin Maude. price 1/7½. The sales close tomorrow having sold 30,000 bales.

10th August 1844

Charles Smith, gardener for Mr. Peckover, lost his wife by death this evening, She got her baby a fine boy last Tuesday week.

17th August 1844

James Ross died after a very short illness of croup. He was the youngest son of Joseph Ross top of Farsley. Same day Hannah Wood died. She was the daughter of Sarah Wood who married William Busfield.
I got the last 2 bales of wool from London at l/75 bought by Martin Maude.

31st August 1844

Finished leading the harvest season. The last field which was led was the near side of the new lay