1844 01/01 to 03/29

lst January 1844

This morning was rather cold and about half past 9 a little snow fell. My wife was rather better than last week.

9th January 1844

Got an order for 30 pieces of brown and olive double milled cloth at 4/4 per yard off Mr. Sykes.

10th January 1844

Went to Bradford and bought 3 sheets of wool at Prospect Mill at 1/7 per lb. to make an order of. Hired a hackney coach at Gledhills to go to Farsley and Ilkley for 32s.

llth January 1844

David Smith married to my cousin Elizabeth Hainsworth at Westgate Chapel and went to Ilkley when Mary Lawson and I came and left David and wife at Mr. Rhodes. In the morning got tea at Uncle Johns.

24th January 1844

David Waite died from being drowned about a week since. Father summonsed for a jury man to William Sowdens on the 25th. Cleaned the house out to come and live at the little house off the end.

Sunday 27th January 1844

My wife Sarah went to Chapel for the first time since our marriage.

3rd February 1844

I did not go to Leeds today, Wool Sales commenced at London on the 1st. I hear they are going 1d. or 1½d, higher.
Our servant left after staying a fortnight.
Bought a chest of drawers off Old Whittam for 3 yds. of green cloth and fifty shillings.


Receipts for dyeing various colours
For Green per stone
Fustic 21bs.
Allum 21bs.
Extract of Indigo 2lbs.
For Scarlet per stone
Lat Dye llb. 8ozs.
White Argills l 8
Lac Spirits 3 0
Young Fustic 8
Scucheon Heel 2
For Sky Blue per stone
Allum l 8
Oil of Vitriol l O
Extract of Indigo 2 0
For (Lilac)?
Cutbear 2 0
Brown Argill 2

5th February 1844

Removed our furniture from Rodley to Mount Pleasant,

5th February 1844

Job Hern's child a son (Josiah) was born.

9th February 1844

Sarah and Mary Hannah removed from Rodley up to Mount Pleasant in the evening when it was very wet.

9th February 1844

Mally Lawson, Sarah's father's mother, died after being rather delirious for some time.

13th February 1844

Went to Leeds and sold 4 tweed ends 2 @ 1/9 2 @ 2s. to Mr. Sykes. When I got home my wife was very ill and her sister Mary came and stayed all night. Tried to dye sky blue and scarlet and succeeded. Father dyed a green and black with vi chromate, but the green was too light and the black too dark. Green 41bs. Vi chromate 45 logwood. Black 6ozs. Chromate 56 logwood and 2 copperas.

16th February 1844

Jonathan Marshall died aged 71 years,

17th February 1844

Ordered a tweed gear off Timothy Kitson “80p 8q” Bought a ½ of a cwt, or 28lbs. of soap off Mr. Willey at 5½ per lb.

18th February 1844

Martha Hollings died of croup aged 2½yrs. Elizabeth Lawson came up to our house the first time,

19th Februarv 1844

Jonathan Ross filed a debt of £10,600 of which a mill company wanted £600, William Hirst £500, Schofield & Stone £300.

25th February 1844

Hostelman Yewdall died aged . He had been ill of smallpox about a week. Today has been wild and sunny and tonight is frosty. Stayed at home all day today, but went to hear Mr, Colcroft who preached from 44 Isiah the 5th verse. Samuel Lawson, Sarah's grandfather, died after a few days sickness aged 83.

lst March 1844

This morning was very fine, the snow nearly all gone, it had covered the ground about a week. Very busy at Farsley mill this week with work from Pudsey and Calverley. Our blue trade very slack, The best at market is Black Beavers for the American trade. Sykes is buying browns and olives out.

9th March 1844

Went to Leeds and sold 8 ends blues and 8 rifles, but had only 2 of them there. Bought a sheet of noils off Dixon at 2/2 per lb.

10th March 1844

Mr. Foster preached Old Richard Tates funeral sermon from the 3rd chapter in Titus the 5th verse. Old Richard died on the 24th February aged 72.

12th March 1844

Went to Leeds and sold 14 ends of cloth at 5/3 and one end of tweed at 2/1, Also 6 ends of an order of browns and olives. Got an order for about 40 ends of each again.

13th Marsh 1844

Went to Bradford and bought 7 sheets of noils, 4 of Eddisons No. 7s @ l/8½, 1 of Garnetts Dado and 2 of Threwitts 1 @ 1/8¾ l @ 1/8½. The cloth to be made this time at 4/6 per yd.=

19th March 1844

Thomas Smale began to be ill last Sunday and died in great pain today.

20th March 1844

Thomas Andrew and Eli Keighley went about collecting for Widow Smale today and got £5. 4. 0.

To ..............=

Most perfect of thy sex, goodbye
Though lately met tis hard to part
Blessed youth whose lot it is to tie
The cords of love around thy heart.

Few are the maids whom I have known
In whom such beauties were combined
As those which are most richly strewn
Through every avenue of thy mind.

The noble features of thy brow
0'er which those flowing ringlets roll
Declare its generous falling glow
And reign supremely on thy soul

Thy sunny smile, thy wit, thy sense,
Thy modest mien thy artless glee
And most of all thy innocence
Which shines transcendent pleases me.

My best regard will always rest
Upon the youth whose happy life
Will be forever very blessed
By calling thee his loving wife

Then fare thee well love must thou Prove
And heavenly bliss which none can tell
Save she who loves and is beloved
Again sweet maid I say farewell.

25th March 1844

Old [Skinnow] was buried today aged 82 years. His will was read and he had left the whole of his money and property to my Uncle Peter's eldest daughter Margaret on the death of his wife.

27th March 1844

Christopher Render died after a very short illness which was inflammation. Father got a potatoe pie in out of the garden and sold the potatoes at 6d. stone.

24th March, 1844

Mary Hannah our daughter was shortened this day being 15 weeks old.

29th March 1844

Got our little pig from Rodley