1843 10/07 to 12/26

7th October 1843

Very good market at Leeds. After I got home a coach horse fell opposite our gate and the other two had it under their feet. The horse was hurt but not killed.
News of the loss of the Memnon Steamer bringing the overland mail.

Monday, 9th October 1843

I got married to Sarah Lawson, daughter of Wm. Lawson, Rodley, D, Smith and I met herself and sister at the Rock went to Bradford with Cockhill in Omnibus were married by Mr. Foster at Westgate, came to Leeds Exhibition at at 4 o'clock and got back to Rodley at about 10 o'clock.

10th October 1843

Went to Leeds with Wm. Lawson and sold 10 ends to Mr. Sykes.

11th October 1843

Mother made a tea for a large number of females consisting of relations, workmen's ladies, etc. and my wife was fetched in the afternoon, but did arrive till later. A

Tuesday 17th October 1843

I Went to Leeds from Rodley. A heavy snow had fallen in the night so that it was very wet and sloppy walking. This is the first snow after two or three nights of severe frost being 8 days earlier than last year. I sold 4 ends to Mr. Sykes who told me to make no more of that sort this year.

27th October. 1843

The Bishop of Ripon came to consecrate and open the new church at Farsley. Mother and Isaac went, but I stayed at my work.

27th 0ctober 1843

Yesterday Isaac took a stand situate in Queen Street above ours, belonging to one Armistead of Pudsey, rent 9/6.
Put the Dahlias into sawdust for the winter.

29th October 1843

Farsley new church opened. The Rev. Samuel Redhead preached in in the morning. Archdeacon Musgrave in the afternoon, and the intended minister in the evening. The collections of today and Friday amount to £64.8.0 In the afternoon great alarm was caused by the breaking of a wooden flange on one of the pillars under the gallery. Many people rushed out of the church and several articles were lost, but nobody materially injured.
Trade is on the revive. Yesterday and last Tuesday were two good markets, especially for Beavers, Most people are now fully employed and the Sunny Bank Mills lighted up last Monday the 23rd inst.

31st October 1843

Went to London by the ½ past 7 mail train this evening and bought on the 2nd and 3rd 19 bales, viz. 2 grease Syd at 9d. 3 Port P @ 1/3, l Syd Damd. 1/3, 3 Launcestn, 1/3½ . 2 Odessa 1/4½ . and 6 Syd. washd. at 1/6, Arrived at Leeds at Saturday morning by Mail Train about 6 o'clock am. and sold 2 ends mine at 6/6 blue and 2 Rifles for Wm. Lawson at 5/6. `

6th November 1843 ·

Elizabeth Gaunt, Uncle Isaac's daughter, married to Thomas Birdsall at Bradford Old Church.
Aunt Betty Smith went back home came last Saturday.
Sarah Gaunt wife of Wm. Gaunt, formerly Sarah Roberts died after a few days severe illness.

7th November 1843

Jno. Corner finished sowing wheat in the three day work.
Went to Leeds and sold 4 ends at 5/6.

10th November 1843

Thomas Parkin killed the first pig which weighed 16st. 51bs. Pullings 10
Total long weight 16st.151bs.
Betty Holllngs left our house to be a power weaver about a month ago.

21st November 1843

A horse fell opposite our house and laid as if dead, but after a time revived.
Thos. Parkin killed 2nd pig which weighed 19-ll long weight.

24th November 1843

Last night Mary Oddy of Wood Nook, died from the effect of scalding which she got on Tuesday or Wednesday last week, Deceased was about 7 or 8 years old.
John Corner brought a piece for me to take to Leeds next Saturday.

Tuesday 28th November 1843

Went to Leeds and sold my light brown purnell (my first beaver) to Mr. Barnes, Pro Gott. It measured 43 yds. being 45 on the tenters. Price 5/5.

Sunday 26th November 1843

A pretty little black and white dog came to our house and would not leave. We named him Pompey.

28th November 1843

Went to see Mr. Shaw the Great Magician at the Music Hall, The Public Exhibition closed last Saturday.

29th November 1843

The Itinerant Missionary meeting held at Bagley. Speakers Bishops, Liddle, Pottinger, and Colcroft, and Messrs. D. Hainsworth and Burton. Chairman Mr. Foster Collection

Sunday, 10th December 1843

Mary Hannah (my daughter) was born at 10 o'clock in the forenoon. Dr. Wilson of Horsforth in attendance.

Tuesday 12th December 1843

Staid again at Leeds to receive a lesson on Phonography being the 3 time that I have staid for this purpose.
Sold nothing today.

Monday llth December 1843

I went with David Smith to Bradford to give notice of marriage between him and cousin Elizabeth Hainsworth.

14th December 1843

John Saunderson's little girl got very ill burnt.
This morning John Wade's wife died having got her abed a short time before.

15th December 1843

John Saunderson's child dead.

19th December 1843

Sarah my wife got up for the first time and stayed up two hours without being sick. Sold 12 ends at Leeds to Mr, Sykes.

20th December 1843 ·

Re-entered the Society at Uncle Daniels.

20th December 1843

About this time John Corner ploughed up the far side of the new lay or first pasture.

23th December 1843.

A very bad market at Leeds. Bought a cap off William Lawson for ld.

24th December 1843.

The old cow calved a white calf which was a white. William Varley preached at Bagley a good sermon from 1st Phillipians the sixth verse.

25th December 1843

This being Christmas Day tea parties were held in Farsley and Rodley Schools in aid of the Benevolent Society. Proceeds £8 Rodley £2 and Farsley £6, Father sold the calf for 8s.

26th December 1843

Bought a chair at Leeds for 11s, Sold nowt at the market which was a very bad one. Stayed at a Temperance Meeting at the Music Hall and heard Mary Barlow from Bramham and Mary Harding from Suffolk.

25th December 1843

Christmas. Maria Kendall married to a butcher from Bradford.

26th December 1843

Anne Broth of Rodley married to Henry Galloway of Pudsey.

26th December 1843

Bought 11yds. of bed ticking at l/2 per yard. Sold 12 ends blue cloth to Mr. Sykes.